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RBC Ventures (Royal Bank of Canada)

I joined RBC Ventures (rbcventures.ca) in 2017 as a JavaScript Engineer.

I have worked with product owners & co-founders in small cross-functional teams to create products (called ventures) that engage with users, and convert them into full-fledged banking customers at Royal Bank of Canada.

These are the various products that I have worked on:


myjoyride.io — Frontend Lead — 2018

Joyride is a responsive web app allowing potential car buyers to compare vehicles suitable to their lifestyles.


  • React.js
  • styled-components (CSS-in-JS)
  • GraphQL (using Apollo)
  • flow (static type checking)
  • Redux


  • Node.js
  • express
  • TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Contentful
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Airflow (used for the ETL)
  • AWS

Joyride Hackathon App

In summer of 2018, a hackathon was held for small teams to build a prototype designed to solve their assigned business case.

I was part of a team assigned to develop a prototype that would create organic traffic towards the Joyride website.

We developed a React Native iOS app that:

  • scanned license plates,
  • translate license plates into their respective vehicle make & model,
  • and redirect users to a Joyride comparison page containing this vehicle.

RBC Ventures Website

rbcventures.ca — Frontend Developer — mid 2018

RBC Ventures Homepage

The entire website is fully client-side, with copy content fetched from Contentful.

Built with

Designed by Night Shift Studio.

See their design showcase at behance.net/gallery/66757335/RBC-Ventures-Website-Design

The website was unveiled at a June 13, 2018 investor event.


autovend.ca (no longer active) — Frontend Lead — late 2017

Autovend was a responsive web app that allowed users to get an estimate value of their vehicle based on

  • their license plate,
  • the province their license plate is registered in,
  • and the amount of distance driven (kilometers) by their vehicle.

A user interested in selling their vehicle would be connected with the product owner.


  • React.js
  • styled-components (CSS-in-JS)
  • Redux
  • redux-saga
  • flow (static type checking)


  • Node.js
  • hapi (http server framework)
  • MongoDB
  • Contentful
  • Heroku