Alberto Leal

Software Developer in Canada🇨🇦

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RBC Ventures (Royal Bank of Canada)




the liddo cupcakery



Advent of Code 2018

Technical indicators

grokdb2 (flashcard app)
Optimal lazy portfolio rebalancing calculator (in Rust)
Yet another master password app (CLI) backed by a JSON file
Get time of when to wake up. (REM sleep cycle calculator)
Generate dates and times relative from now
Convert TD Bank transactions to ledger-cli compatible transactions
Convert Tangerine Bank transactions to ledger-cli compatible transactions.
PostgreSQL parser for Rust (work in progress)
JavaScript Parser in Rust (work in progress)


Tetris in C

Flashcard app in golang


npx albertoleal

Personal iPhone Wallpaper generator

Like lodash v3.x isEqualWith but for shallow equal. Over 6 million monthly downloads on npm. Popular dependency among React-based libraries such as react-dnd and Ant Design.
📄 Generate resumes using React, puppeteer, and styled-components.
Rewire babel-loader loader in your create-react-app project using react-app-rewired.
React component that notifies when browser is either offline or online.
Bind to keyboard shortcuts in React.
React component that notifies when browser's hash (i.e. `window.location.hash`) changes.
Port of dayofweek function given by Tomohiko Sakamoto on the comp.lang.c Usenet newsgroup.
Webpack loader that works like url-loader (or file-loader) but with extracted information such as image dimensions and file-size.
Coding challenge for LogDNA. Converting an image to a React-based app. Demo at
Delays loading of MathJax Tex elements. Demo at


Bridge School (Cohort 7 — Sponsored by RBC) — April 2019

Presented a lightning talk on Chrome DevTools and React Developer Tools for Bridge School.

Bridge School offers free software development and product design education for women, agender, and non-binary professionals in technology.



If you have Node.js and npm with npx, you can view my personal npm business card:

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FYI, some folks know me as just Albert; thus, I also own the domain, which just redirects to

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