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the liddo cupcakery



Advent of Code 2018

Technical indicators

grokdb2 (flashcard app)
Optimal lazy portfolio rebalancing calculator (in Rust)
Yet another master password app (CLI) backed by a JSON file
Get time of when to wake up. (REM sleep cycle calculator)
Generate dates and times relative from now
Convert TD Bank transactions to ledger-cli compatible transactions
Convert Tangerine Bank transactions to ledger-cli compatible transactions.
PostgreSQL parser for Rust (work in progress)
JavaScript Parser in Rust (work in progress)


Tetris in C

Flashcard app in golang


npx albertoleal

Personal iPhone Wallpaper generator

Like lodash v3.x isEqualWith but for shallow equal. Over 6 million monthly downloads on npm. Popular dependency among React-based libraries such as react-dnd and Ant Design.
📄 Generate resumes using React, puppeteer, and styled-components.
Rewire babel-loader loader in your create-react-app project using react-app-rewired.
React component that notifies when browser is either offline or online.
Bind to keyboard shortcuts in React.
React component that notifies when browser's hash (i.e. `window.location.hash`) changes.
Port of dayofweek function given by Tomohiko Sakamoto on the comp.lang.c Usenet newsgroup.
Webpack loader that works like url-loader (or file-loader) but with extracted information such as image dimensions and file-size.
Coding challenge for LogDNA. Converting an image to a React-based app. Demo at
Delays loading of MathJax Tex elements. Demo at


Bridge School (Cohort 7 — Sponsored by RBC) — April 2019

Presented a lightning talk on Chrome DevTools and React Developer Tools for Bridge School.

Bridge School offers free software development and product design education for women, agender, and non-binary professionals in technology.



If you have Node.js and npm with npx, you can view my personal npm business card:

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